North Coast Smokehouse

These products have taken years to perfect. They are handcrafted and produced in small batches in the north coast town of Ballycastle.

The salmon is cured with Ruairidh’s special blend of pure sea salts, raw sugars, and relaxation, before being smoked and roasted over beech wood.

The smoke is produced the old fashioned way, by simply burning small quantities of wood. They don’t use liquid-smokes, paints or dyes. Their wonderful flavours and colours come from just the right combination of cure, smokiness, temperature, time and fresh sea air.

They use top quality local Glenarm Organic Salmon, reared according to the standards set out by the Organic Food Federation. The salmon have more room to swim than those in conventional farms, and they are fed on natural and organic ingredients from sustainable sources, free from GMOs, from a local certified organic feed mill.
Their dulse seaweed is sustainably harvested on Rathlin Island.

What They Do

Smoke-roasted organic salmon, smoked condiments: sea salt and black pepper (a new one on us), and smoked dulse seaweed.


Smoke-Roasted Organic Salmon (100g and 200g fillet packs and 500g half-side), Smoked Sea Salt and Smoked Pepper (small jars and tubes), and Smoked Dulse flakes (tubes).

Where To Buy

Online, at markets, local butchers, green grocers and delis, restaurants and B&Bs.


North Coast Smokehouse
3/61 Leyland Road
BT54 6EZ
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Contact Information

Telephone 07835403340 or 07835403339
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