Noisy Snacks

There are so many new beers being brewed these days that Noel Allen decided the time was right to come up with some new snacks to munch with them. Enter Noisy Nuts. Noisy because you can rattle them in their drum-like container. Nuts because they are literally nuts which you season after you open them- hence the term self-seasoning.  Clever, indeed.

Team Noisy  are on a mission to offer a range of crafted peanut kits with flavoured seasoning which pair perfectly with craft beer types, they help elevate characteristics and the beautiful aromas in the beer all while offering a fun snacking experience. Find them in bars, shops and markets.

Like Noisy Noel says “Drink Great Beer with Great Snacks, Come join Team Noisy and Make Some Noise!”

What They Do

Craft Snacks to pair with craft beer


Noisy Nuts are hand packed by NOISY Irish people and currently offer a range of four flavours. Noisy Pickled Onion (pairs with Lager), Noisy Chilli & Lime (pairs with IPA), Noisy Chocolate Orange (pairs with IPA Orange) and Noisy Chilli & Beef (pairs with Stout).

Where To Buy

St George’s Market every Saturday, Online website for delivery and coming soon to bars, off-licences and retail across NI & Republic of Ireland.


Noisy Snacks
Sketrick House
16 Jubilee road
BT23 4YH
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Contact Information

Telephone 07714487288
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