Nitro Coffee Company

The Beatties fell in love with cold brew coffee after experiencing it in Vancouver and The Rockies. When they returned to Northern Ireland they were looking for a new business project to get their teeth into and decided to bring cold brew back home.

They formed Little Ridge Coffee in May 2017 and set about developing a product. Eventually they decided on heading down the Nitro coffee route for something really different and Nitro Coffee Co was born.

They use the best locally roasted coffee beans and brew them (very) slowly in cold filtered water. It smells fantastic. The cold-brew process extracts less of the bitter acidic flavours from the coffee leaving a taste that is smoother, creamier and more refreshing.

The brewed coffee gets kegged and chilled, then it gets charged with nitrogen to give each cup a cascade and a creamy head. It looks amazing and tastes great too.

The coffee looks creamy, but it actually contains nothing but coffee. They don’t use any animal products to create their drink. They do offer a couple of syrups that can be added to the coffee for those with a sweet tooth. Their cups are made from organic material instead of plastic and all their processing equipment is reusable.

Innovative without compromising on quality, their aim is to use local ingredients wherever possible.

Available for private hire for parties, weddings and other events. Will also stock cafes.


What They Do

Cold-brewed coffee from a keg

Where To Buy

Events, markets and festivals across Northern Ireland


Nitro Coffee Company
34 Castlehill
BT23 5XA
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Contact Information

Telephone 07921 565203
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