Hollah Preserving

Hollah was born to preserve the sanity of Trudy and Paula, 2 former stay at home mums with a love of chilli, wine and cheer. They dare to add taboo ingredients and our signature chilli kick to produce flavours away from the mainstream, which will really shake up your mealtimes! Prosecco and strawberries in a chilli relish – why not? Tonic wine in their Bucky BBQ sauce – sure it tastes great and won a star at the Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste Awards 2016.

Hollah Preserving has given the traditional condiment a hipster spin – this relish will rock you!

New to 2018 is their smoked chilli and gin ketchup, it’s what all the best burgers are going to be dressed with this season!

Preserving Food, Friendships and Sanity.

Everydays a #Hollahday!

What They Do

Trudy Hodkinson and Paula Latuske have combined their talents and surnames to create Hollah Preserving – a hip and quirky brand of Relishes and Sauces with a retro vibe


5 assorted relishes including the infamous Chilli, Strawberry & Prosecco. Bucky BBQ Sauce, Wingnut Hot Habanero, Hollah Hot Sauce, Hollah Smokin' Hot Sauce and the Hollah Hot Honeys (Jalapeno and Habanero)

Where To Buy

The Meat Merchant, Sawers, Picnic Deli, Warkes Deli, Avoca, SuperValu and Centra stores across NI. Lots more stockists can be found on our website, check our FB and Twitter feeds for up to date information.


Hollah Preserving
Hollah HQ
50 Glebe Gardens
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Contact Information

Telephone 075 4890 7697
Twitter @HPreserving
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