Hollah Preserving

Hollah was born to preserve the sanity of Trudy and Paula, 2 former stay at home mums from Moira, who have made it their mission to shake up your mealtimes.   They dare to add taboo ingredients and a signature chilli kick to produce flavours away from the mainstream.  Prosecco and strawberries in a sweet chilli relish? Why not, don’t we all deserve a little luxury every day!  The Bucky BBQ sauce contains a good dash of a renowned  tonic wine, locally known as Lurgan champagne. It tastes superb, rich and smoky, gaining a star at the Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste Awards in 2016.

Hollah Preserving has given the traditional condiment a modern twist.  Hollah wants you to ditch the ketchup and bring a little decadence to your dinner table!

Everyday’s a #Hollahday!

What They Do

Relishes and sauces packed full of unusual and decadent flavours, available in both retail and foodservice sizes


Assorted flavours including the Chilli, Strawberry & Prosecco Relish. Bucky BBQ Sauce, Wingnut Hot Habanero, Hollah Mini Hot Sauces. Available in retail jars/bottles and also available in 1.3kg or 2.6kg tubs for food service.

Where To Buy

Farmshops, Delis and Butchers across NI. Also available at SuperValu, Centra and Eurospar stores. Please contact them for further information.


Hollah Preserving
PO Box 338,
BT65 9DB
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Contact Information

Telephone 075 4890 7697
Twitter @HPreserving
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