Finlay Foods

You’ve probably eaten some of Finlay Foods’ products without even realising it. This family-owned company was founded by James A S Finlay in 1970 . They make and distribute an astonishing array of products for the food industry. They are based in Moira, Co. Armagh.

What They Do

Manufacture and distribute quality ingredients for the food industry specialising in bakery and confectionery


They do fruit fillings, jelly crystals, lemon pie fillings, custards, savoury fillings, jams, sugars, flour and oats, potato cakes, coconut, dipping jelly, macaroon mixes, crumble mix, RTU pie filling, pie glaze and seed adhesive, sugar strands and vermicelli, vinegar, humectants, cornflour and semolina, sugar replacers, treacle and syrups, glucose, marzipan, fondant icing and frosting, margarines, oils, release agents, divider oil, butter, cake mixes, bread mixes, bread toppings, concentrates, dried fruits and peels, tinned fruits and fillings, custard style fillings, macaroons pastes, chocolate and coatings, cocoa powder, colours and flavours, spices, biscuit crumb, baking and cream powders, sundries, dried onions, cornflakes and rice krispies, mallow, egg, cream stabilisers, cake emulsifiers, mould inhibitors, shelf life improvers and preservatives, seeds and nuts, improvers, pastry and dough relaxers, crumb softener, thickening agents and fillers, decorations, decorating equipment, bakery hardware.

Where To Buy

Their customers range from local home bakers, high-street and retail bakeries, to the large-scale industrial bakeries.


Finlay Foods
29 Maghaberry Road
BT67 0JG
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Contact Information

Telephone 028 92 611300
Twitter @FinlayFoods
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