Eva Paris Macarons

trained in a French Patisserie in the Dordogne. “We do not use any flavourings in our macarons – only the finest natural ingredients. Our macarons are naturally gluten free and can be dairy free upon request.
Eva Paris macarons are available in a range of flavours and shades and can be tailor made with logos etc for corporate events.

We don’t know anyone who doesn’t like macarons and the way they make them at Eva Paris is the true French classic way. These luxurious macarons or macaroons are made small batches and they use only the finest ingredients which are organic where possible. They have won Great Taste Awards for their magnificent flavour and texture.

Someone asked “what’s so special about macarons?” I wondered myself but once we had tasted these small delights we were smitten!

Madness ensued almost immediately. I took a bite. It was both crisp and chewy, delicate and bursting flavourful all at once.

Eva Paris Macarons are hand made with ground almonds in the meringue and are gluten free. We make them locally using natural ingredients with no artificial flavourings.

If you’re getting married, you can have whatever colour / shade combination to match your wedding colours. They’re brilliant as favours (being naturally gluten free makes them a smart choice) but they also go really well with champagne.

Why not order some for a coffee morning or for a special occasion like a christening or birthday?

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