Clearer Water

‘Clearer Water’ was established in 2016 and is a unique local, ethical brand of bottled spring water. The brand focuses on providing paid employment for adults with disabilities.

The water has a great mineral content and with a pH 7.8 is a naturally alkaline water. Clearer Water falls on the County Antrim Limestone Plateau and filters its way through 3 limestone aquifers before its drawn out from a depth of 150 feet below the surface. It is ‘Water in a Bottle’ but it’s not about the water!

Each Clearer Water bottle has a unique ‘Trace Code’ – when a customer puts the code into the Clearer website they find out not just about ‘the product’ (mineral content, pH at source, weather conditions, temperature on extraction etc.) but also about ‘the person’ that bottled the actual bottle in their hand. That way the consumer gets to find out about the individual they have helped to support in employment by the decision to purchase ‘Clearer Water’.

Currently there are 10 young adults working in the bottling plant and of the 10, 8 have some form of disability or mental health problem.


What They Do

Still and sparkling water


• Still and Sparkling Water • Glass in 250ml, 330ml and 750ml. • Plastic in 500ml • Own Brand and other sizes by request.

Where To Buy

Hendersons Food Service


Clearer Water
146 Shore Road
BT40 3HY
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Contact Information

Telephone 028 28 274479/ 028 93 378660
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