City Cheese

City cheese is a small family business and they are the proud producers of Northern Ireland’s first organic cheese. Angelique & Christo would love for you to pop in where you can stand and watch them make cheese by hand.

Their Cheese

Christo and Angelique Swanepoel are both South African chefs who have made Northern Ireland their home. Christo was brought up on a dairy farm and he was reared on raw milk and raw milk cheese. This passion for raw milk and their background in food made cheesemaking a natural business venture. He and Angelique decided to start making cheese with raw milk in 2014 They currently produce 4 different cheeses from their newly purposely build creamery in Ballywalter. With there latest one the Goats Cheese which they took a gold award at the Artisan cheese Awards 2017 . They make them in small batches by hand. They are matured for no shorter than 90 days. The cheese is based on a Dutch gouda recipe but Christo will quickly remind you that it is much more than your
average gouda.

What They Do

Hand-made Dutch Gouda-style cheese


Young Culmore, Pitjes Kass, (Dutch for Cumin Cheese) Angelique, all £25 per kg


The first and only organicly certified cheese makers in Northern Ireland.


City Cheese
41 Abbey Park
BT22 2BH
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Telephone 075 9929 5942
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