Carlisle Fresh Foods

Carlisle Fresh Foods is a food producer based in a facility in Crossgar, Co Down. 

 Their team of enthusiastic professionals pride themselves on producing real food for every occasion. Their bank of tried and tested recipes can be provided in Family, Catering or single packs offering value for money as well as quality.

At Carlisle Fresh Foods, they believe that great food can only be made with fantastic ingredients and they insist upon using quality, locally sourced products including meat, potatoes and vegetables from County Down.

 Evolved over decades, the Carlisle group of businesses has become a diverse collection of essential providers, offering everything from kerosene to family food, from boiler pellets to Beaujolais.

Yet as different as each of the businesses might be, there is a golden thread that links them; a business asset that can’t be bought or created.

Each is Carlisle-owned. Each one benefits from the trust and respect earned by the other. Each is part of the family.

What They Do

Food to go


They produce a wide range of handmade, tasty favourites including Pies, Ready Meals, Soups, Salads, Sides, Pizzas and Desserts.

Where To Buy

Carlisle Fresh Foods, Ballynahinch as well as some other outlets. Look for the Eat Well Everyday label.


Carlisle Fresh Foods
11 Kilmore Road
BT30 9HJ
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Contact Information

Telephone 028 4483 0626
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