Big Cox Cider

Armagh is the ancestral home of craft cider and the Orchard County of Ireland. Big Cox contains apples that hit you in the taste buds and question everything you think you know about cider. This isn’t a monochrome, mass produced imitation of cider, this is champagne yeast and 100% apple juice, made like it matters. It is about craft not craft, real not fake and about being bold and embracing the apples.

Now in the third yeast of production, the word is out about BIG COX. It is already stocked in a growing number of off-licences, bars and restaurants.

Tasting Notes Sweeter than dry. Crisp, light and refreshing. Packed full of apple notes.

What They Do

Cider Producer


Big Cox Cider

Where To Buy

Sold across Northern Ireland. Selected outlets include Neill’s Wine, The Vineyard Belfast, Grange Wines, Town Square, SugarCane, Biesty’s Cellar, McGarry’s FWine Wines, The Rabbit Rooms. Distributed by Anzac Wine and Spirits


Big Cox Cider
Lisniskey Cider Company Ltd
49 The Slopes
Northern Ireland
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Telephone 07961 880767
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