Baronscourt Brewing Company

Baronscourt Brewing Company is situated in the scenic Baronscourt countryside of County Tyrone. They specialise in creating flavoursome artisan craft beer. The business was co-founded by John Wauchob and Adam Colhoun.

The brewery prides itself on using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients to produce full flavoured craft beer, ideal for food pairing. The ethos of the business is to produce top quality beers to go with a range of sweet and savoury dishes.

The brewery works with renowned chefs from across Ireland to continuously strive for new and exciting flavour combinations. Since their establishment, Baronscourt Brewing Company has been lauded immensely by craft beer and food experts locally and internationally, with one commenting ‘it’s definitely the best red ale I’ve ever tasted and probably the nicest stout’.

Positive comments like these have provided Baronscourt Brewing Company with the reputation of being one of Northern Ireland’s best craft beer producers for food pairings and tastings.


What They Do

Craft Beer for Craft Beer Drinkers


Huntsman Wheat beer 4.5% abv, The Last Stag Red Ale 4.7% abv, Black Sheep Stout 5% abv Pheasant's Hop IPA 7% abv. Irish Wolf Golden Lager 4% abv.

Where To Buy

Bars, Restaurants and Off-licences throughout Northern Ireland with more to follow. See the website for the full list.


Baronscourt Brewing Company
38c Baronscourt Rd.
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Telephone 07734267164
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