Asian Curries

Asian Curries produces a range of curry powders, curry pastes, gluten-free gravy, gluten-free pepper sauce and Arrabiata sauce for retail and food service. Their logo is Kamal Mahal which comes from the creator of the sauces, Kamal Malhotra.

He has been running restaurants for decades in Fermanagh and Tyrone. He came up with these easy -to-make, delicious sauces in response to customer demand. His knowledge of spices is as a result of his heritage and those decades of experience in the industry.

He uses authentic spices and the majority of the sauces are low-fat and low calorie. The powders are made up into sauces with just boiling water and brought back to the boil. They can also be used as bases for other dishes.

Kamal is very happy to speak to producers who would like bespoke recipes and he loves developing new products, so do get in touch using the details below.

What They Do

A range of curry powders and pastes, gluten-free gravy and pepper sauce and Arrabiata sauce

Where To Buy

Declan Devine, Castlederg, PG Chips, Jam Restaurant, Enniskillen, McBride’s Spars DISTRIBUTION RANGE Ireland and UK


Asian Curries
Unit 2, Tempo Road Industrial Estate
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Contact Information

Telephone 07703 737670
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