Armagh Cider Company

Armagh Cider Company was first established in 2005 on the family farm at Ballinteggart outside Portadown in Co Armagh- the orchard county of Ireland, where the Troughton family have been growing apples since 1898.

The first commercial craft cider company in Northern Ireland, Armagh Cider company has led the way since it’s inception.

By using their own apples and no artificial additives quality is guaranteed.

All processes from ‘blossom to bottle’ are carried out on their farm where tours are now available by appointment.

Their original, award winning Carson’s Crips and Maddens Mellow Cider are made using predominantly the Armagh Bramley Apple, PGI, and proudly displaying the PGI logo to confirm this.

In 2015, they introduced Doyle’s Cider, a new innovative blend, also available with flavours which has brought Irish craft to a new level.

Consistent quality has ensured a string of awards.

What They Do

Artisan Cider and Apple Juice


Carsons Crisp Cider, Maddens Mellow Cider, Doyles Cider – Dry, Medium, Sweet, Summer Fruit, Honey, Autumn Berry, Mollys Mulled Cider. AJ – Apple Juice, Honeyhill Spiced Apple, Cider Vinegar


Numerous awards including: 2015: International Cider Challenge , Gold Medal - Carsons Premium Cider, Silver Medal - Maddens Honey Cider, Bronze Medal - Maddens Mellow Cider, Maddens Spiced Cider, Doyles Summer Fruit Cider, Doyles Autumn Berry Cider, Gold Medal – Royal Bath & West Show – Maddens Mellow Cider, Gold Medal – British Bottlers’ Institute – Doyles Honey Cider 2014: Great Taste Awards, 1 Gold Star– Carsons Crisp Cider, 1 Gold Star– Maddens Mellow Cider, Blas na hEireann Irish Food Awards, Gold – Mollys Mulled Cider, Silver – Maddens Mellow Cider, 2013: International Cider Challenge, Bronze Medal– Carsons Crisp Cider, Bronze Medal - Maddens Mellow Orchard Bramble Cider. Great Taste Awards, 1 Gold Star - Carsons Premium Cider, 1 Gold Star - Maddens Mellow Orchard Bramble Cider, Irish Quality Food Awards, Winner – Maddens Mellow Cider, Winner – AJ Apple Juice

Where To Buy

Throughout Northern Ireland in Winemark, Sainsburys and Tesco. Various pubs, restaurants, hotels and independent off-licences across NI and ROI


Armagh Cider Company
Ballinteggart House 73 Drumnasoo Road
BT62 4EX7
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Contact Information

Telephone 028 3833 4268
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