Launch for Milk Cup


The Dairy Council for Northern Ireland celebrated its sponsorship of this year’s Milk Cup by getting the ball rolling in Belfast City Centre.

Three metre high inflatable ‘zorbing’ balls provided a unique kind of entertainment as they rolled down Custom House Square encouraging spectators to Milk it for all it’s Worth.

Dr Mike Johnston, Chief Executive of the Dairy Council for Northern Ireland explained: “Zorbing is not only an entertaining way to launch our involvement in this year’s Milk Cup tournament, but is part of a wider Dairy Council campaign called Milk in Action, designed to highlight our commitment to showing people that exercise can be fun!

“You don’t have to be a playing for a premiership football club to ‘milk’ life for all it’s worth. There are many different types of sporting activities that can provide excitement and consuming milk after exercise is also known to optimise sporting effectiveness and recovery. Milk is becoming increasingly recognised as a natural sports’ drink by both professional athletes as well as aspiring youngsters helping to improve muscle function as well as refresh and energise after exercise.

“Zorbing will also feature again at this year’s Milk Cup finals’ on Friday 29th July, so be sure to pop along to watch players from your favourite county teams climb into the balls and race against each other, playing skittles with themselves as the ball!”

The Dairy Council’s sponsorship of this year’s Milk Cup is part of a wider campaign called Milk in Action, which is being jointly funded by the EU to encourage younger age groups to drink milk.

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The Milk Cup will kick off with the opening parade through Coleraine on Sunday, July 24 and runs from Monday, July 25 to Friday, July 29.