Hillstown Brewery Économusée

This 150-acre farmland is on a small settlement called Hillstown in Ahoghill, where the Logan family have lived and worked for generations. Hillstown’s craft beer business began with Japanese cattle. A tour of the onsite brewery will explain how beef led naturally to the production of craft beer. You might be surprised to find a thriving craft brewery tucked in behind the traditional farmhouse here at Hillstown.

A brewery among the cattle sheds is an unusual pairing, but it’s the heart of what Hillstown Brewery is all about – creating craft beer that pairs with food. Having diversified meat production to include one premium food, wagyu-style beef, Hillstown now produces two artisan products – beef and craft beer. The link between the two products might not be immediately obvious! Why would a beef farmer need great volumes of beer? The answer is simple – to produce the finest quality wagyu-style beef.




Hillstown Brewery Économusée
128 Glebe Road
BT41 3DT
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Telephone 07711 742240
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