On the 8th Day of Christmas..

On the eighth day of Christmas, Food NI gave to me..

Christmas Pudding Ice Cream from Glastry Farm

Are you looking for an extra special dessert this Christmas? Why not improve tradition with Glastry Farm’s Christmas Pudding Ice Cream

There is a dairy farm on the Ards Peninsula in Northern Ireland which has been home to the Taylor family since 1856. It is called Glastry Farm. The Irish translation of Glastry is “the townland of the green pastures” which is as perfect a description of a place as we can think of.

After decades and decades of milking the cows just for the milk, like his forefathers, Will Taylor had a lightbulb moment. He was on an apple farm in Slovenia on a Department of Agriculture trip at the time. They were turning their apples into cider and he thought what could I do with my milk to add value? and that is when Glastry Farm Ice cream was born.

This Christmas, Glastry Farm has developed a new, delicious, limited edition flavour – Christmas Pudding! 

Glastry’s Vanilla base is the perfect vehicle for this festive ice-cream which is bejewelled with a very special Christmas pudding. You can only get it in November and December, but that’s ok. Christmas comes but once a year!

Join us again tomorrow to see what Day 9 of our Festive Foodie countdown has in store!